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Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

A wise friend of mine once told me that every night before she falls asleep she imagines her past, all that has happened to her, physically leaving her mind. This way she acknowledges that she cannot change what has happened to her, life has been was it has been. The focus now is her future, working towards her dreams and goals that I have no doubt she will achieve.

I am an advocate for happiness but I won’t sugarcoat life. Sometimes it down right sucks. Watching your family fall apart, having friends move away, getting hurt by the one person you never imagined would or losing someone special are times when you wonder whether it will ever get better. There are two things left to do. Firstly, go and cry. Let everything that has built up inside be released in a wave of emotion. If there’s one thing worse than being sad, it’s pretending you’re not. Then, when you’re ready, pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and tell yourself that your new life starts today.

Don’t make the mistake of becoming the victim of your circumstances. That is the easy way out because it takes much less effort to be miserable than to make something of yourself. It won’t be easy standing back up but it’ll be worth it. This time you’ll be stronger because you’ve been hurt or down so there’s a fire inside of you that cannot be stopped. Things got messy for awhile but you now have the strength to tidy it up.

One of my favourite teachers once shared the quote, “stars cannot shine without darkness.” I will never forget that moment. Before I left I thanked her but I am not sure she quite understood the impact it had on me. I realised that it is the difficult times that have shaped me to do and create things I never thought possible. May you outshine all your darkness too.





I look around and all I see are people stuck in their mundane everyday routines. Work, drink, eat, sleep and repeat. They know exactly where they will be twenty years from now because it is the same place they are right now. This fact has boggled my mind for so long. We live a life full of opportunities and greatness, yet so many of us disregard it all. Most of us are comfortable, so why would we want to have anything else?

This blog is about capturing life. I want to share ideas and experiences that will teach you how to value yourself and what is around you so that you can experience life beyond the surface. This is for the people that have decided they will not settle for mediocre. Hello and welcome to the merriest people of the human race. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde